*Interac transfer

Thank you for your order. It will remain on hold until we have confirmation that payment has been received.

Payment instructions: DO NOT enter IPTV or TV ANYWHERE.

1 Go to your online banking, then ‘Transfer’, then ‘Interac’.
2 Add a new recipient: TAMOU
3 email: yobuy.info@gmail.com – ** Make sure you spell the email correctly.
4 question: the 7 digits
5 security answer: 1234567

6. Amount: Consult our rates on the table below, then enter the amount of your desired subscription.

In the message section: mention your email.

1 Device2 Devices3 Devices4 Devices
3 Months35.99 CAD49.99 CAD65.99 CAD81.99 CAD
6 Months59.99 CAD82.99 CAD99.99 CAD119.99 CAD
12 Months79.99 CAD109.99 CAD139.99 CAD159.99 CAD
24 Months125.99 CAD165.99 CAD199.99 CAD229.99 CAD
Lifetime179.99 CAD249.99 CAD299.99 CAD329.99 CAD